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The Ninth Wave Hardcover Book

Author: Sean Doherty
Published: 17/12/2010
Format: Hardback, 208 pages
Category: Surf Photography

The Ninth Wave tells the stories behind 100 of the great surf photos of the modern age.

Amongst them are moments that have decided world titles. A wave that Shane Dorian waited 15 years to catch. A glimpse of a virgin Pacific reef from a mail plane 5000 feet up. A lone surfer in a 60-knot Southern Ocean squall. The horizon going black at Waimea Bay during the biggest swell in a decade. Splitting a wave with your kid at Bells Beach. The story of the wave that keeps Kelly Slater awake at night.

Stories from the world’s best-known surfers (and several of its least) add another dimension to the images. Mick Fanning and Kremmo, Kelly Slater and Jughead, Occy and a bloke named Rambo all share their insights into the images that have defined surfing in the past five years.

The Ninth Wave showcases the work of surf photography’s great contemporary talents including Jon Frank, Andrew “Shorty” Buckley, Ted Grambeau, Trent Mitchell, Brian Bielmann and Dustin Humphrey amongst them. Guys who have devoted their lives to capturing the surfing experience.

The photos and stories cover the broad spectrum of the surfing experience. With the flick of a page you can travel from the beach at Pipeline where the world title has just been decided, to the remote southwest of Tasmania where a lone surfer is paddling out into a 12 foot swell. Every wave, a story to tell.