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  • 1 x Pre-Paid Scary Good Gift Card with unique promo code so the recipient can download their copy of Scary Good direct from Vimeo
  • 1 x Limited Edition Surfing World Tee

About Scary Good:

This is not a surf movie.

It’s a sound, a vision and a freak miracle of mateship. All we knew was there are a bunch of kids out there who surf insanely good and also play in bands. We would setup a studio in a remote location for ten days, surf our brains out, shoot and record the whole thing. The potential for failure? Immense. The chances of having a hell time? Absolute. Directed by Vaughan Blakey (Doped Youth) and Danny Johnson (The Godfather) the film brings you today’s most culturally inspired surfers making eternal noise. We invite you to leave your inhibitions at the door for this moment, a right now that cannot be denied.

DISCLAIMER: Scary Good features all sorts of adult themes and references, mild nudity, sick Manners and heaps of stuff likely to offend people who are easily offended. Please don't watch if you're one of those people. Otherwise, tap in.

Tee selection: Our Surfing World team will select the perfect tee for you based on the array of styles we have available, and using our own psychic rumblings to determine what will set your world on fire.