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  • NEW Chillfactor 2016

NEW Chillfactor 2016

Published Winter 2016

This issue features:

  • Jake McBride’s photographic essay on the best days of the 2015 winter.
  • A chat with Tommy Tomasi, 90 years old and one of the legends of Australian skiing, who is still out on the mountain every day.
  • Harrison McInness and Ryley Lucas taking on the gnarliest road gap ever.
  • Our Guide to Better Skiing, including our call on the best skis for Australia, powder and kids.
  • Anna and Natalie Segal’s September Session on the Main Range.
  • Deep, deep powder in Hokkaido and Jackson Hole.
  • Interviews with the skiers who have nailed the Hotham Road Gap over five decades.
  • Watkin McLennan taming the Canadian wilderness.