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Modom Shark Leash


Sharkbanz Magnetic Technology
Standard Modom Cuff-with patented magnetic repellant technology
Detachable 7mm Polypropylene Cord
Modom Fin Key- for interchanging cords
Smooth rotating stainless steel anti rust swivels
Ultra strong Modom velcro - holds tight in all conditions
Detachable Rail Saver
Internal Key Pocket
Internal Print

Please Note:

The buyer and/or wearer of the Sharkleash should be aware that sharks are wild animals and unpredictable. Sharkbanz is the manufacturer of the magnetic technology and Modom has incorporated this technology into this product based on Sharkbanz research and assertions. According to Shark Defense Technologies LLC and Sharkbanz (Mano LLC) the Sharkleash will potentially reduce the risk of shark interactions but there is no guarantee that interactions will not take place. There should never be any attempt to entice sharks to interact with humans with or without a Sharkleash. Any human activity in the water near sharks must always be considered as possessing a considerable degree of risk, which is assumed by the wearer. By clicking ‘I agree’ you confirm that you understand the terms and conditions, and that you do not hold Modom Pty Ltd or 3CMG Pty Ltd responsible for any harm and/or damage to the maximum extent permitted by the law that may occur while using/wearing the Sharkleash.