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Surfing World Issue 352

Surfing World Magazine

Issue | 352

Published | August 2014

What sort of surf traveler are you? Are you the kind who travels with a bunch of buddies and a pillow so that you and your buddies can have pillow fights on your all boy boat cruise? Or are you the kind who travels with a bear rifle and a book on edible plants to the far flung regions of the Earth in search of the great unridden? This issue is dedicated to the latter kind of traveler. Be spellbound by discoveries from North West Africa to Far West Canada and deep into secret Indo. Find out who our most intrepid surf explorers are. Marvel at the man who created an island that Kate Winslet and Mick Fanning stay at. ALSO IN THE ISSUE: The best surfing Joel Parkinson has ever seen. Sally Fitzgibbons’s most inspiring sporting moments. The Film Taylor Steele would erase from his back catalogue and a whole heap more. Read it now. Read it here.