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Surfing World Issue 355

Surfing World

Issue 355

November 2014


Hope your eyes are hungry because this month we’ve prepared for you a fully stacked SW with the lot! The surfy juices will be dribbling off your chin and elbows as your devour our cover story on Gabby Medina, a kid who couldn’t care less if you think a Brazilian World Champ is a good thing or not. Sink your teeth into the utterly ridiculous spectacle that was Teahupoo 2014 with tasty captions by Andy Irons Award winner Owen Wright. Savour the mouth watering philosophy of Dave Rastovich who drissles an entirely delicious new philosophy for a happier line-up all over our hearts and nipples. Gorge on the meaty goodness of deep Indian Ocean swells in the Far North West of Western Australia and stuff your grill with the powerful words of Tyler Wright, a young woman who is totally owning her place as one of the World’s Best surfers. Finally nibble on all the usual after dinner mints that make SW the complete meal… The Sage, Hypothetical, League of Legends and making Stuff with Ozzie Wrong. Rip in you gluttons!