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Surfing World Issue 382

Surfing World Magazine

Issue 382

February 2017

How much reef can one crew eat? We find out as Soli Bailey, Luke Hynd (cover shot) and Kai Hing take on the roundest kegs Indo has to offer and get proper lit. We take audience with shark attack survivor, mother, true believer and all round power woman Bethany Hamilton. Photographer Simon Chipper unlocks the ultimate roll call of wild-men with his captures of late 70s Australian pro surfing. Sean Doherty sets sail for Glastonswilly – the greatest rock n roll surf trip to never happen, and join Rasta and Lauren L. Hill for rolling bliss in the sweet folds of a Sri Lankan waterscape. Plus life learnings from; Phil Jarratt, Jason Crombie, Brendan McAloon and Mike (Montreal) Jennings.