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Surfing World Issue 384

Surfing World Magazine

Issue 384

April 2017

The Surfing World Grom Bash has been around since the mag was first published in 1962. In those days publisher/editor Bob Evans would stuff a car with guys like Nat Young, Bob McTavish, Albe Falzon and John Witzig and drive north, away from the city in search of rolling green headlands and sand bottom cylinders... This idea was taken to entirely new levels when Hugh Mcleod and Bruce Channon took over in the early 70's, what's now fondly remembered by many as a golden era that fired the imaginations of grommets everywhere. It was during the Reggae, Baker, Kidman and Lees years that the term Grom Bash was first coined. Less to do with atomic wedgies, crumbed cutlets, dead legs, titty twisters, crow pecks, wet willies or blue mountains, as the idea was to have a surf comp that rewarded kids who surfed with classic Aussie animal. Guys like Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Ace Buchan, Shaun Cansdell... they all had some of their first ever photos published during the SW grom bash. The talent for this year's Grom Bash earned their spots in a similar fashion, via the Billabong Bloodlines Series. From each of the five events, one in each mainland state, one surfer would be selected by a living legend to take part in this trip. Sometimes it might not even be the kid who won the comp, but rather a little punk Taj Burrow likes the fin ditch on, or a future power hound who raises Occy's eyebrows, or a little greasy nose that reminds Parko of somebody he used to see in the mirror when he first hit puberty. Then SW throws in a wildcard as well. Starring Dakoda Walters as 'Whiplash Sting', Josh Cattlin is 'Teen Wolf Mo', Taj Watson is 'Savage Cuts', Samson Coulter 'Planet Hollywood' and Caleb Tancred is 'Pocket Monster Go' and Corbin Nash's car as 'Dunny Rolls Royce.' Experience their tales of frothed out grubbery this issue