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Surfing World Issue 350

Surfing World Magazine

Issue | 350

Published | June 2014

Here’s three things you won’t find out from Kelly Slater’s interview in the new SW.

1. What he thinks about the current tensions between Russia and the Ukraine.

2. How many grapes he can fit in his mouth at one time.

3. What’s happened to his dog. Think about it, that dog was in every photo with him in 2010 and now… nothing. Where is that little flea bag?

Well, you won’t find out in SW 350. But you will find out why he left Quiksilver, what he’s got in store for the future and that he’s had periods of intense loneliness during his career. Awwww…

Also in this ish is Sean Doherty recounting the tales behind his biggest interviews of the past five years. Like the time Andy Irons punched him in the head. So good. Jordy Smith, Noa Deane and Elis Ericson have a dig at shaping,

Creed McTaggart gets Frank’d, Ozzie Wright bakes a Slayer cake and Mick Fanning lets us in on the greatest single surf sesh he’s ever seen. And you’re sitting there wondering what to do with your life? Answer: Buy this mag right now.

Feel happy.