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Surfing World Trim Reaper Hooded Poncho Towel

Getting changed in the car park at the beach totally sux, unless you’re like our skeleton friend here and possess a Surfing World Trim Reaper Poncho!
This hooded body blanket is the ideal pre and post surf car park change room. Not only will your bits stay warm and be protected from bitter winds and Peeping Toms, you’ll also be able to pretend you’re the personification of Death, swinging your scythe every which way as you collect the souls of those who drop in or snake up your inside.

  • Warm oversized for easy use
  • Comfy, 100% cotton velour fabric
  • Generous hood size
  • Black with white stitched Surfing World Magazine "Trim Reaper" logo & image
  • One size fits all